BarCamp is in 2 weeks!

Two weeks till Barcamp! Here are a few things you need to know.

1. The event is sold out, and we have a waitlist. If you know now that you cannot come, please email so that we can reassign your ticket.

2. Registration, announcements, and schedule-building starts at 11:00 AM, so please arrive at or soon after 11:00. Talks start at 12:00 or as soon after that as possible.

3. Please arrive already fed brunch/lunch. There will be snacks provided throughout, and a cash bar (bring your money if you want to drink). Buffet dinner (sponsored, no charge) will be served at a break in the schedule, around 5:00. A vegetarian option will be available.

4. The Greenbryre lounge/dining room “Twelve,” a separate building from Barcamp, will be open and available if you need a place to get away or order your own food closed for a private function for most of BarCamp, but open later. Some of us will probably gather there after the event (9:00-ish) to relax and socialize.

5. If you’re drinking, please plan a ride home: pick-up, designated driver, taxi, or Zero 8, who will drive you and your car home:

6. The ability of Greenbryre’s wireless service to handle 130 people is untested. Unless you require it for your talk, please don’t rely on it. LTE reception is good out there. We’re planning to have a charging station, but you might want to bring your charger if you plan to use your phone a lot.

7. There is going to be an ad board, where sponsors can post job openings, special offers, and other information. There will also be a swag table, if you want to bring company trinkets (keep in mind: 130 attendees have signed up).

8. Speakers: We hope to have wireless internet access available to you and your machine; have a back-up plan in case it doesn’t work. Greenbryre’s projector has a VGA connector, and we will have VGA-to-Mini-Displayport and VGA-to-DVI adapters available if you need to borrow one. If you have questions, please let us know by tweeting @barcampstoon or emailing