New! The BarCamp YXE Ad Board

As you likely know, in the spirit of BarCamp, we discourage talks that are just about hiring and recruitment or are sales pitches, and we do not usually provide opportunities for sponsors to address attendees as sponsors.

However, we know that sponsors are sometimes hiring (and some attendees are looking) or have interesting products to offer our attendees. To facilitate fair and non-intrusive information sharing about jobs or other offerings that might interest attendees, we are introducing the BarCamp YXE Ad Board.

If you are sponsoring the BarCamp YXE November 16, 2013 event, you may bring one (1) single-sided 11″ x 14″ poster advertising:

  • your company in general
  • jobs you’re hiring for
  • future events you’re hosting
  • a special offer for BarCamp attendees
  • a product you sell
  • some other BarCamp-appropriate message you want attendees to see.

The posters will be displayed at the venue on the day of BarCamp YXE, November 16. Organizers will hold the final say as to whether a poster is appropriate, and will ensure placement is as fair as possible.

Contact Kari at if you have questions (or to make arrangements if you’re sponsoring but not attending).

This is a trial run of this idea. Its success with sponsors, attendees, and organizers will determine whether we offer it at future BarCamp Saskatoon events. Based on feedback and logistics, we might adjust these terms and conditions of the Ad Board to improve them within the BarCamp context. Your feedback or suggestions are welcome.