Date: October 19, 2019 (12:30pm – 8:00pm)

Venue: Innovation Place – The Atrium
(111 Research Drive)

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What is Barcamp?

A Barcamp is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. Saskatoon has been hosting Barcamps since 2006! The goal of Barcamp Saskatoon is to bring together people who love technology to talk, learn, and strengthen the community. This gathering is for everyone interested in technology: software developers, marketers, content creators, entrepreneurs, artists, educators, students, academics, and more!

How Much are Tickets?

Barcamp Saskatoon is FREE to attend! We ask that attendees register in advance so that we can plan appropriately. Registration will be coming soon!

Who is Speaking / What are the Sessions?

Barcamp does not have a program made in advance, it is made at the start of the event. Sessions can vary in length and format, but we recommend 20 to 25 minutes for presentations followed by an interactive question and answer session. There may be opportunities for “Lightning Talks” ~10 minutes or less in length if there is enough interest! If you’d like to have a Q&A or Open Discussion Session we’re happy to facilitate that too!

Session registration will be opening soon, now is the time to start thinking about what you’d like to talk about!

Is there food or drink?

Alcoholic beverages will be available at the event as well as a free pizza supper! All of this is possible thanks to our wonderful sponsors. Please ensure that you fill out any dietary restrictions on the registration form, so that we can order pizza that everyone is able to enjoy! Please ensure that you drink responsibly and plan a safe ride home after the event.

How can I help / volunteer / sponsor?

Please spread the word to friends and colleagues via twitter, facebook, or any other channels you like. The more people at the event, the better!

Everyone is expected to help out where possible. If you’d like to show up early to help set up, or stay late to tear down, that would be great! If you’d like a more formal role, please email kim [at] barcampsaskatoon [dot] org.

Sponsorship is greatly appreciated and helps us pay for things like food, alcohol, space, equipment rental, name tags, office supplies, etc. If you would like to sponsor the event and make a monetary or other sort of contribution, please contact chris [at] barcampsaskatoon [dot] org.

What is the Schedule?

12:30 pm – Registration
1:30 pm – Schedule Creation!
2:00 pm – Talks Start and Continue Until…
~5:00 pm – Pizza Supper (free)
5:30 pm – Sessions Continue until…
8:00 pm – Closing Remarks

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Submitted Talks

7/3/2019 13:09:11Shane DoucetteShort Presentation (~20-25 minutes)Meh, Docker's growing on me.Why I don't actually hate Docker anymore, and think it's kind of useful in the right situations.
7/29/2019 19:51:04Kim SchmidtLong Presentation (~40-45 minutes)fUNemployment pt 2What to do when you're unemployed; How to get back on your feet andnot go stir crazy.
8/27/2019 8:05:29Nick JamesShort Presentation (~20-25 minutes)Securing the HumanAvoiding the loss of $1.04M to scammers by securing the weakest link in your defenses... people.
9/6/2019 14:09:25Barcamp SaskatoonLightning Talk (~5 minutes)Lunch Hour Company PitchesAre you hiring? During lunch, companies will have the opportunity to do a QUICK 2 MINUTE HR PITCH. No slides, just talk. Sign up at the event to be on the list of companies when you arrive.
9/9/2019 14:39:04Dale BirtchShort Presentation (~20-25 minutes)CI/CD with google cloudbuildCreating a scalable CI system on googles cloudbuild stack, why do it, how to do it, and how can this accelerate your development.
9/24/2019 9:52:17Teresa HumeShort Presentation (~20-25 minutes)Testing Like You Mean ItGoing over how to write unit tests, the different use cases for unit vs. integration testing, and strategies for refactoring existing monster tests into something more maintainable.
9/28/2019 14:49:56Wendy SharpeShort Presentation (~20-25 minutes)How grief shaped my artistic practice I’m going to be talking about how grief let me see the beauty in back alleys and how my process moved from painting in black and white to experimenting with colour.
10/8/2019 22:41:22Tushita PatelLightning Talk (~5 minutes)Women in Tech - Did we get it wrong?As a woman in tech, I have gathered many experiences that have left me wondering whether the way we are addressing the issue of diversity is effective, and what my role is as an individual who is encountering these challenges and learning about them simultaneously. In my talk I'll be digging a little deeper and I'll be raising those thought-provoking questions!
10/9/2019 19:24:27Janelle BerscheidShort Presentation (~20-25 minutes)Spotting Data Science Hucksters: a guide for laypeopleData science and AI can both be applied to achieve incredible things...but some people and companies make claims that are too good to be true. You don't need to be an expert in AI, data science, or statistics to use these tips for spotting bad actors.
10/9/2019 19:25:13Janelle BerscheidLightning Talk (~5 minutes)Don't Be a Side-Project AssholeSide projects are great. Tech culture's attitude about them is not.
10/17/2019 10:16:15Arlin SchaffelRound Table Discussion / Fireside Chat (~20-40 minutes)Discussion: Git for StudentsI've been teaching a short Git Tutorial to U of S Computer Science Students for the past few years and am interested in improving it. This will be an open, moderated discussion, trying to find answers to questions such as: How much Git should students know? Why Git is important? How are companies using Git locally?
12/22/2019 12:50:02Ad2.7Lightning Talk (~5 minutes)Sharjah❤️
1/12/2020 4:52:48IrfanLong Presentation (~40-45 minutes)What i anawerNothing
3/23/2020 6:56:51Career Round Table Discussion / Fireside Chat (~20-40 minutes)Career Career
3/27/2021 5:38:39ZakullahRound Table Discussion / Fireside Chat (~20-40 minutes)MuzamilMunir
5/5/2021 8:50:03JoyceLong Presentation (~40-45 minutes)Queen MotherNon

Requested Talks

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7/3/2019 13:06:30Shane DoucetteTechnology and Cooking
7/3/2019 13:07:17Arlin SchaffelStartups often talk about success, but what about failure? How are we nurturing failure within the industry? What do you do after you fail? Especially when you may have raised a funding round from friends and family.
9/10/2019 10:59:14Erik FrederiksenElasticsearch, what/when/why/how.
10/18/2019 22:57:53Paul JonesTest-Driven Development, how can people write better tests, faster, with less headaches.


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