New year, new opportunity

Hello, Saskatoon BarCamp enthusiasts. As you know, BarCamp happens because volunteers step up, show leadership, and make good ideas happen. Every event requires the work of several people, but usually, one serves as the “point person”: setting up planning meetings, breaking deadlocks, making sure things move forward.

The people who have been point people for the past several years are ready for a break. We think it’s a good idea to get fresh ideas and brave new people out in leadership positions in the Saskatoon tech community. We’re looking for someone to take over kicking off the next BarCamp planning. So, if you’ve volunteered for a BarCamp before, or attended a few, and especially if you’ve thought you have good ideas for making BarCamp even better, and you’re ready to step up and show Saskatoon what you can do, please get in touch.

Probably the best way to contact us (if you don’t have Kari’s or Ginger’s email addresses already) is Twitter: @barcampstoon. Looking forward to hearing from you!