Barcamp Saskatoon 2010 presentation materials

How great was that? So great. Thanks to all our volunteers, presenters, and attendees. We can all be really proud of contributing to a fantastic event. I know my horizons were expanded. I loved the wide variety people, discussion topics, presentation types, and chances to enbiggen myself and my community.

If you want to share your presentation materials, we want to provide links to them here. Once you have posted the materials in the location of your choice, DM a link to @barcampstoon on Twitter.

Also, check out some photos of the event:

DM us if you have more!

And a reminder to check out Varial’s offer of one year of free web hosting for Barcamp Saskatoon attendees. Sign up before October 31, 2010. For details see

Barcamp 2010 presentations

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