Get your BarCamp on, 2011

Hey Saskatoon! BarCamp is back for 2011, with lots of the same old good stuff and plenty of new features. As always, everyone is welcome to attend. You’ll find the event fascinating if you’re interested in the people, ideas, tools, and/or beverages of the IT community. We love first-time attendees!

If you haven’t registered yet … uh … hurry up. The free tickets are going fast. They’re available from BarCamp Saskatoon on Eventbrite.

After you register, you’ll notice that the attendees list includes information on who is considering doing a talk. Don’t worry if you didn’t indicate it on your registration; you can sign up to talk at any time on our wiki, and even last-minute at the event. To help the planning committee have an idea of how many talks we’ll have, it would be helpful if you told us ahead of time by updating our wiki page with your name and the subject of the talk.

BarCamp 2011 is being held at Vendasta’s new headquarters, a(n?) historic building right downtown. Thanks for opening up your new home to us, Vendasta!

If you want to help the event (and your business) by sponsoring BarCamp Saskatoon, you should contact us for information. We love our sponsors, possibly more than we love first-time attendees. Don’t tell the first-time attendees, though, okay?

This is only scratching the surface of what you might want to know about BarCamp Saskatoon. You can explore the wiki and the posts on this blog from last year. I’ll be posting more info about BarCamp, BeerCamp, helping out, doing a talk, our venue, and other details over the next few weeks. Be sure to follow us on twitter to see all the announcements. If you tweet about BarCamp, our hashtag is #barcampyxe.

I, for one, am looking forward to another round of interesting talks, catching up with old BarCamp friends, meeting a whole batch of new people, and drinking some beer.

Love, Kari (@kayayarai)
… on behalf of Ginger and the rest of the BarCamp Saskatoon planners.

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