BarcampYXE is happening November 16, 2013!

Hey, everyone! Welcome back to another BarcampYXE event. I hope you’re following us on Twitter (@barcampstoon) because many alerts and reminders will go out there. Major things will also be posted here on the blog. Also, we’re still updating some things on this website (like the date in the banner). We appreciate your patience.

This fall we’re trying out a few new ideas, and keeping the good stuff that you know and love from previous BarcampYXE events. We’re also open to your good ideas, so feel free to contact us if you have something to share.

First: Tickets are now available through Picatic. Get yours (only 100 available), and block your calendar for November 16. Tentatively, the hours will be 11AM till 9PM.

Second: Our venue is Club 19 at Greenbryre Golf and Country Club, on the southeast corner of the city. Details about food and drink will be announced in a later post, but be assured, there will be food and drink! We’re also sensitive to the fact that it’s not as accessible, public-transportation-wise, as previous locations, and we’re working on some ideas to help folks who don’t want to drive. On the plus side, though: plenty of free parking for those who do want to drive!

Third: VendAsta is sponsoring T-shirts this year. Yay, free T-shirts! Thanks, VendAsta! Pick your size and style when you order your ticket. (Again, 100 available)

If you’re thinking about doing a talk this year: Hooray! In the next couple weeks, we’ll blog about things to keep in mind. Start putting ideas together!

If you or your business wants to sponsor Barcamp: Also hooray! We’ll soon be publishing a list that outlines our expenses and you can pick something off the list to help with. Also, you canĀ contact me now if you want to sponsor. We love our sponsors, and could not do this without you.

Are you excited? I’m excited. Can’t wait to see you all November 16th.

On behalf of the BarcampYXE organizing team,

kayayarai on the gmail and twitter