Light on Art

Hey all you barcampers! Just two more weeks until the big day!

Are you still thinking of presenting something? Judging by the list of sign-ups over on the wiki, it’s looking like we are light on Art talks. Perhaps you know a thing or two about technology and art, enough to fill 5 minutes or 45 minutes, enough to inform or enough to start a discussion, or just enough to demo what you’ve done.

Go ahead! Here’s your chance to get experience, meet new people, put something on your CV…

Some Art + Technology ideas to consider:

  • making or delivering music
  • digital photography or photo processing
  • writing or publishing poetry, literature, art, or personal blogs
  • generating creative ideas
  • graphic design
  • animation
  • digital film making
  • storyboarding tools

… or some other twist on a creative topic. Provide some right-brain balance to this left-brain heavy schedule!

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