The big day is almost here!

Okay! BarCamp is on Saturday. Here’s some important information about the big day:

  1. Doors will open at noon. People doing a talk should find their way to Blaine right away to get their talk registered and on the schedule.
  2. If you’re doing a talk, bring your own laptop. The projectors have HDMI connections, so if you need an adapter, please bring one.
  3. *** UPDATE***: It looks like talk slots will be 30 minutes. Plan your talk accordingly. Some slots will have multiple short talks.
  4. There will be some announcements, and then talks will start as soon after 1:00 as possible, maybe as late as 1:30. Talks will wrap up around 6:00 and we should be out of the building by 7:00.
  5. There will be free snacks and non-alcoholic drinks available throughout the day. Pizza supper will be provided later in the afternoon. *** UPDATE***: We’ll be asking you for a $2 donation for pizza supper; the money will be donated to the UNICEF effort in Nepal.
  6. Beer will be available for a nominal price, and proceeds will go to the U of S Computer Science Students’ Society (CSSS).
  7. There are some public parking lots around VendAsta, but it will cost you. And if you’re drinking you shouldn’t be driving anyhow. So consider getting dropped off or taking a bus.

Tweet @barcampstoon if you have more questions! See you Saturday!