And now, a word about our sponsors

As you probably know, Barcamp Saskatoon is non-profit and entirely free to attend. Think about that for a moment: a free tech conference. How is that even possible?


We have amazing, generous sponsors. Their contributions, usually financial, make the whole event possible and enjoyable enough to keep people coming back year after year.

The Barcamp event has needs: We need a venue. We need beer. We need some hardware and infrastructure. We need Tshirts. We need people to make it all happen. Some of these things are donated: people donate their time; Vendasta is donating the venue.

Sponsors help us provide the rest: Tshirts, liquor license and snacks, a bartender, incidentals.

So thank you to all the sponsors. See our twitter announcements for who’s on board for 2011. At the Barcamp event, we’ll have posters showing who all our sponsors are.

What’s in it for sponsors?

  • Exposure to some of the most engaged and creative minds in the Saskatoon technical community.
  • Association with one of the most accessible and popular events on the tech community calendar.
  • Attend the event to learn new ideas and skills for your own professional development.
  • A chance to interact and socialize with smart, fun people who are, needless to say, potential clients, hires, partners, or drinking buddies.

We continue to look for sponsors for 2011. If your business is looking to get involved and help out, this is a great opportunity for you. Contact Ginger for details.

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