Sessions at Barcamp

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to run a session at Barcamp about a subject they are passionate about. If you don’t run a session, we ask that you participate in other ways. You can take part by engaging in productive discussions about topics or by asking thoughtful questions.

Sessions can be in many different formats: presentation, panel, workshop, Q&A, round-table discussion, lightning talk, tutorial, etc. Just be sure to outline what type of session you plan to run when you register!

Tips for Sessions:

  • Find a subject that you are passionate about – passion breeds confidence.
  • Don’t overplan your session – even the most organized Barcamps are chaotic. People will come and leave during your session and disrupt you. Questions from the audience are allowed and encouraged.
  • Relax and have fun – Barcamps are a pressure free environment!

Ground Rules:

  • Absolutely no sales, product, or hiring/recruitment pitches.
  • There are no predefined speakers. The schedule is made at registration time. Sorry, we’re not able to pre-determine what time your talk will be.
  • Propose only one talk per event.
  • Abide by our Code of Conduct.

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Submitted Talks

9/26/2018 2:31:49Kim SchmidtPresentation (20-25mins + questions/discussion)Troll Taming 101How to navigate the s**tstorm that is social media
10/3/2018 14:20:48Sean O’ConnorWherever I can help 🙂New SK VCI’m the new VC fund manager at Conexus. Our fund will be focused on SK technology startups from late seed to Series B.

I’d be happy to focus on either fintech/disruption in banking (was previously on the leadership team of a Canadian fintech company) or how to raise capital from VCs.
10/8/2018 23:56:50Janelle BerscheidPresentation (20-25mins + questions/discussion)Takeaways from a Summer of Data ScienceI went to a bunch of data science conferences recently, and saw companies and research teams (big and small) exhibiting their latest and greatest. Here's what I learned and why you should care.
10/9/2018 9:38:20Arlin SchaffelPresentation (20-25mins + questions/discussion)Disruption is Garbage*A rant about startup culture, childish behaviour, tunnel vision, societal responsibility, and growing the fuck up. *Title may or may not be clickbait, you decide.*
10/9/2018 12:24:55Shawn MoenPresentation (20-25mins + questions/discussion)Hurdles of Business9 Mile Legacy Brewing's CEO/GM- Shawn Moen will discuss the ups and downs of starting a business from scratch in Saskatoon.
10/9/2018 16:05:49Chris de Jong (@dejong)Presentation (20-25mins + questions/discussion)Accidental Intelligence: Teaching morals to machinesA project with unexpected results, an experiment run amok, the "Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon", and a lesson in what creators need to do in order to avoid screwing up technology for the rest of us.
10/10/2018 8:15:00Kevin StrickerPresentation (20-25mins + questions/discussion)Better Software Thru Escape RoomsI explore the apparent contradiction between UX rules and the popularity of escape rooms and decide there isn't one. Somehow this takes 25-30 minutes.
10/10/2018 9:03:12Ryan SmithPresentation (20-25mins + questions/discussion)I bought Bitcoin at $20,000 and other horror storiesI bought Bitcoin at its all time high, lost it all trading altcoins, overpaid for GPUs, and had my bank ban cryptocurrencies. Somehow I survived these terrors and continue mining Bitcoin to this day.
10/10/2018 14:17:07Nick JamesPresentation (20-25mins + questions/discussion)Click this Link - The threat of social engineeringWhat is social engineering, why do we fall for it, and is there anything businesses can do to protect themselves?

Click this [link] for a more detailed summary...
10/11/2018 23:03:08Adeel SalmanPresentation (20-25mins + questions/discussion)Sales Strategies for NowIn a rapidly evolving world of business where competition, automation, connected infrastructure, subliminal coding and dynamic stimuli continue to challenge a sales professional; we will talk about key tools including including business intelligence, social engineering, competitive intelligence, blockchain methodology etc to help develop a basic understanding which will help in devising an efficient strategy for your business sales. This is an introductory talk to encourage discussion and review for a deeper understanding.
10/12/2018 13:23:38Robin LowePresentation (20-25mins + questions/discussion)How to learn information security by getting your ass kickedSometimes coming last isn’t a bad thing. A treatise of the value of Capture the Flag competitions.
10/12/2018 20:59:33Kirk McCullochPresentation (20-25mins + questions/discussion)Data-Oriented DesignHave you ever wanted your code to be faster? Computers don't think like people, they think like computers. The object oriented designs we use all the time are nice for people to think about, but can be counter intuitive for a computer to work through. When performance is your primary goal, try thinking like a computer!


Requested Talks

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What would you like to hear about?
10/4/2018 19:07:11ArlinHas anyone found a use for Bitcoin other than driving up GPU prices?
10/4/2018 19:10:06KimMarketing Woes - What did you learn the hard way and how did you fix it?
10/5/2018 14:33:44JohnPersonal horror stories of software development.
10/9/2018 0:07:09JanelleThe REAL metrics for growth in your tech job. Forget about lines of code or GitHub commits--what quantifiable metric shows you (and your team) are sharpening your skills and making meaningful progress?
10/10/2018 13:12:58ChrisInformation Security
10/10/2018 13:13:10ChrisSocial Engineering
10/12/2018 15:35:52Kevin KoehlerBlockchains -- what can you do? what can't you do?


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