Everyone is welcome and encouraged to run a session at Barcamp about a subject they are passionate about. If you don’t run a session, we ask that you participate in other ways. You can take part by engaging in productive discussions about topics or by asking thoughtful questions.

Sessions can be in many different formats: presentation, panel, workshop, Q&A, round-table discussion, lightning talk, tutorial, etc. Just be sure to outline what type of session you plan to run when you register!

Tips for Sessions:

  • Find a subject that you are passionate about – passion breeds confidence.
  • Don’t overplan your session – even the most organized Barcamps are chaotic. People will come and leave during your session and disrupt you. Questions from the audience are allowed and encouraged.
  • Relax and have fun – Barcamps are a pressure free environment!

Ground Rules:

  • Absolutely no sales, product, or hiring/recruitment pitches.
  • There are no predefined speakers. The schedule is made at registration time. Sorry, we’re not able to pre-determine what time your talk will be.
  • Propose only one talk per event.
  • Abide by our Code of Conduct.