Everyone is welcome and encouraged to do a talk about a subject they are passionate about. If you don’t give a talk, we ask that you participate in other ways. You can take part by engaging productive discussions about topics by asking thoughtful questions, talking about the event to all of your friends and family, and through social media sharing (#barcampyxe).


  • Find a subject that you are passionate about – passion breeds confidence. Pick a topic you love and you want others to love, too.
  • Don’t overplan your talk – even the most organized Barcamps are chaotic. People will come and leave during your talk and disrupt you. Questions from the audience are allowed and encouraged. Be confident about your topic – not about your slides.
  • Relax and have fun – Barcamps are a pressure free environment!


  1. Your audience is the tech-and-internet obsessed software and IT professionals, artists, activists, musicians, designers, etc. of Saskatoon. If your talk doesn’t sound like it’s addressing this audience, please reconsider. If you’re not sure what this crowd is like, attend and enjoy the talks, and consider preparing a talk for next year.
  2. Absolutely no sales, product, or hiring/recruitment pitches.
  3. There are no predefined speakers. The schedule is made at registration time. Sorry, we’re not able to pre-determine what time your talk will be; if you can’t make it to the entire event, maybe this isn’t your year to do a talk.
  4. Propose only one talk per event.
  5. Abide by our Code of Conduct.