Making The Schedule

Before BarCamp we ask people to sign up to speak. This gives us a good idea of who is speaking and about what, but it doesn’t tell us specifically when or where.

We do not have a schedule… yet.

When you arrive at BarCamp and sign in, if you want to speak we’ll have big sticky notes and markers to write down your name and talk title. Shortly after registration and welcome, we’ll make the schedule together as a group. Blaine Korte is The Schedule Maker and he will be facilitating and inputting the grid content that will end up projected, so that everyone can easily see it.

This is a strategic process that lends itself to flexibility and co-operation (and sometimes math). When we are putting together the schedule we’ll organize the talks by time, location (room or space with seating) and have to consider of the subject matter so that we don’t schedule talks that will be competing for the same audience. We also have a few people with other important commitments on Nov.3rd and need to speak earlier or later. So, we’ll also make sure that these people get a chance to speak at a time that works.

We will have as many sessions as time allows, with the amount of space available. If you have any other questions about making the schedule let us know on Twitter @barcampstoon.